Star-studded Team USA to compete in Puerto Rico


    United States

    2009PCLogo.jpg200910PBABillONeill.jpgWhen Bill O'Neill (pictured right) began bowling at the high school level, he set a goal of one day competing for Team USA. He will get that chance next week when he takes to the lanes at the 2009 Pan American Bowling Confederation Championships in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

    O'Neill leads a star-studded field of the United States' top bowlers into an event they have dominated in recent years. Team USA's men and women enter as the defending champions in every event - Singles, Doubles, Trios, Team, All Events and Masters.

    The PABCON Championships will feature both men and women this year for the first time since 2005. In 2007, the men held their championships in Guatemala, and the United States captured every gold medal. Last year in Chile, the Team USA women dominated every event.

    So if there wasn't already pressure on O'Neill in his first Team USA event, he knows all expectations will be for the United States to continue its recent success.

    200809PBAPatrickAllen.jpg2007PAGTTDavidHaynes.jpg"Competing for Team USA has been something I have wanted to do since I started bowling in high school," said O'Neill, who was selected to the team in January by the Team USA coaching staff. "No matter what sport you play, representing your country is something that is a real honor, and I can't wait to put on that Team USA shirt and get down to business."

    O'Neill, who will be joined on the men's side by fellow Professional Bowlers Association exempt players Patrick Allen (left), Tommy Jones, Chris Barnes, Cassidy Schaub and amateur David Haynes (right), realizes there's pressure on the team to bring home gold medals.

    "I always feel pressure going into any event regardless of what it is, but once the event begins that goes away for me," O'Neill said. "Once I am able to get on the lanes, I trust my ability to get the job done. Hopefully, in this event, that means multiple gold medals."

    The event also marks a return to team play for O'Neill, who was a standout player at Saginaw Valley State University earlier this decade.

    "It has been over five years since I have been able to compete as part of a team, and it is something that I really miss," said O'Neill, 27, a four-time first team collegiate All-American. "I really enjoy the feeling of doing something good and looking back and seeing a bunch of happy faces. It also adds a lot of pressure knowing if you don't perform, you are letting an entire team down, which makes you a stronger individual bowler."

    2009WUSOKimTerrellKearney.jpg2009WUSOShannonOKeefe.jpgOn the women's side, Team USA will send Carolyn Dorin-Ballard, Kim Terrell-Kearney (left), Diandra Asbaty, Lynda Barnes, Shannon O'Keefe (right) and Shannon Pluhowsky.

    Both the men's and women's teams will look to add to their medal counts at the PABCON Championships. Dating to 1961, Team USA has brought home 88 gold medals, 54 silver medals and 43 bronze medals for a total of 185. Mexico has the second-most with 94 total medals.

    Competition is scheduled to begin Tuesday with Singles and continues through Sept. 26 with the Masters competition, which features the top 16 men and top 16 women from the All Events standings.

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    2008 PABCON Women's Championship

    Happyland Bowling Center in Santiago de Chile (Oct. 19-24, 2008)

    1. Liz Johnson, United States, 1482, 247.00
    2. Carolyn Dorin-Ballard, United States, 1449, 241.50
    3. Lynda Barnes, United States, 1448, 241.33

    1. United States, Wendy Macpherson/Kelly Kulick, 2602, 216.83
    2. United States, Liz Johnson/Carolyn Dorin-Ballard, 2565, 213.75
    3. Canada, Kerrie Ryan-Ciach/Jennifer Park, 2556, 213.00

    1. United States, Wendy Macpherson/Diandra Asbaty/Kelly Kulick, 4037, 224.28
    2. United States, Lynda Barnes/Carolyn Dorin-Ballard/Liz Johnson, 3906, 217.00
    3. Mexico, Sandra Gongora/Lilia Robles/Adriana Perez, 3837, 213.17

    1. United States, Carolyn Dorin-Ballard/Lynda Barnes/Diandra Asbaty/Kelly Kulick/Liz Johnson/Wendy Macpherson, 6357, 211.90
    2. Colombia, Paola Gomez/Laura Fonnegra/María Rodríguez/Luz Leal/Rocío Restrepo/6265, 208.83
    3. Puerto Rico, Michelle Ayala/Mariangie Colón/Lourdes Lopez/Yoselin León/Jessica Santiago/6026, 200.87

    All Events
    1. Kelly Kulick, United States, 5463, 227.63
    2. Carolyn Dorin-Ballard, United States, 5377, 224.04
    3. Liz Johnson, United States, 5332, 222.17

    1. Kelly Kulick, United States
    2. Liz Johnson, United States
    3. Diandra Asbaty, United States, and Sandra Gongora, Mexico


    2007 Men's American Zone Championship

    Metro Bowl in Guatemala City, Guatemala (May 27 - June 2, 2007)

    1. John Janawicz, United States, 1365, 227.50
    2. Enrique Gutierrez, Mexico, 1357, 226.17
    3. Derek Eoff, United States, 1352, 225.33

    1. United States, Derek Eoff/David O'Sullivan, 2644, 220.33
    2. Canada, Ray Vervinck/Joe Ciach, 2624, 218.67
    3. Mexico, Benjamin Corona/Alejandro Cruz, 2486, 207.17

    1. United States, John Janawicz/David O'Sullivan/Derek Eoff, 3995, 221.94
    2. Brazil, Fabio Rezende/Rodrigo Hermes/Marcio Vieira, 3736, 207.56
    3. Mexico, Marco Martinez/Enrique Gutierrez/Marcos Baeza, 3728, 207.11

    1. United States, David O'Sullivan/Derek Eoff/David Haynes/John Janawicz/Bill Hoffman/Rhino Page, 6464, 215.47
    2. Mexico, Daniel Falconi/Alejandro Cruz/Benjamin Corona/Marco Martinez/Marcos Baeza, 6115, 203.83
    3. Puerto Rico, Francisco Colon/Minuer Dawahra/Andaraunick Simounet/Edgardo Ruiz/Luis Rodriguez, 6025, 200.83

    All Events
    1. David O'Sullivan, United States, 5243, 218.46
    2. Derek Eoff, United States, 5241, 218.38
    3. Rhino Page, United States, 5178, 215.75

    1. Rhino Page, United States
    2. John Janawicz, United States
    3. David O'Sullivan, United States