Fagan, Torgersen, Belmonte and Agerbo reach finals in Viernheim


    European Bowling Tour #15

    Bowling Center Viernheim in Viernheim, Germany

    Viernheim Open - Round of 8
    Best-of-three, losers eliminated, earn 2.600 Euro

     #1 Michael Fagan (USA) def. #26 Robert Wölki (GER), 2-0
    (224-212, 300-216)

    The first game was close, then Michael Fagan (pictured) reeled off 12 consecutive strikes to put the game away well before the final frame. The right-hander played between the second and third arrow on the left hand side. It was Fagan's third 300-game in this tournament and the 12th overall.

    #3 Jason Belmonte (AUS) def. #15 Peter Ljung (SWE), 2-0
    (243-225, 210-208)

    Jason Belmonte, the two-handed bowler from down under, won the first game and looked like the winner in game two but nearly gave it away in the final two frames. Lefty Peter Ljung got a ringing 7 in the 9th and 10th frame and Belmonte needed two spares to win. He got 2-4-6-7 in the ninth and converted the difficult split. His next shot nearly resulted in a 7-10 split but the 10-pin fell late and Belmonte made the spare. His fill ball looked like a big wash-out but only the 3-6-10 remained on the pin deck and Belmonte advanced to the semis.

     #8 Jesper Agerbo (DEN) def. #4 Mikael Braendeskov (DEN), 2-1
    (173-218, 255-190, 248-235)

    Jesper Agerbo came from behind to win the All-Danish affair. Michael Braendeskov easily took the first game, but Agerbo posted two big scores to walk away the winner. The decider was a close game that was decided in the 10th frame. Braendeskov didn't get the second strike to put more pressure on his compatriot. However, Agerbo got up and struck out for the win.

    #5 Tore Torgersen (NOR) def. #7 Paul Moor (ENG), 2-1
    (175-267, 256-206, 232-174)

    Paul Moor came out of the gates fast, winning game one by a landslide, 267-175. Tore Torgersen began his comeback with a 256-206 win in game two and moved into the semifinal with a slid 232-174 victory.