Pete Weber thrills the crowd in Viernheim


    European Bowling Tour #15

    Bowling Center Viernheim in Viernheim, Germany

     Pete Weber set the highlight in the Round of 16 in the Gutperle Anniversary - 1st Viernheim Open in front of a capacity crowd at Bowling Center Viernheim. Weber lost the first game in best-of-three format against Ives van Eyken of Belgium, 246-209. The 31-time PBA champion leveled the match with a 246-181 win in game #2.

    The deciding match was decided in the final frame. Both players had a spare in the 10th frame but as the Belgian had a slim 2-pin advantage he needed a 9-count on his fill ball to shut out the PBA star. The ball went on the nose and left 6-10. Weber fired the ball in the pocket for a strike to tie van Eyken, 226-226. In the one-ball roll-off, the Belgian pushed the ball into the pocket and left a 10-pin. Weber got up, repeated his shot to celebrate a 10-9 victory … and the crowd went crazy.

    Four of the other matches went in a quick 2-0. Peter Ljung topped Dirk Dreyer, David Canady eliminated the last woman, Britt Bröndsted, Hagen Pest stunned Petri Mannonen and Robert Wölki defeated Manfred Zabel.

    Pasi Uotila sidelined another compatriot, Sami Konsteri, thanks to a 258 in the third game, 2-1. Nick Froggatt rolled 264 in the decider against Jimmy Mortensen. Jouni Helminen was bounced out of the competition after winning the first game with 279. 6-time PBA champion Doug Kent rebounded with 248 and 267 to earn a spot in the Super 16 Round.

    The eight winners will meet players seeded 1-8 in the Super 16 Round.

    Viernheim Open - Round of 16
    Best-of-three, losers eliminated, earn 650 Euro

    #10 Nick Froggatt (ENG) def. #40 Jimmy Dan Mortensen (DEN), 2-1
    (225-179, 244-249, 264, 159)

    #12 Pasi Uotila (FIN) def. #38 Sami Konsteri (FIN)
    (245-181, 199-204, 258-217)

    #15 Peter Ljung (SWE) def. #36 Dirk Dreyer (GER), 2-0
    (212-211, 202-170)

    #20 Pete Weber (USA) def. #35 Ives van Eyken (BEL), 2-1
    (209-246, 246-181, 226-226 and 10-9)

    #22 David Canady (GER) def. #33 *Britt Bröndsted (DEN), 2-0
    (222-198, 244-218)

    #24 Hagen Pest (GER) def. #32 Petri Mannonen (FIN), 2-0
    (222-214, 222-210)

    #26 Robert Wölki (GER) def. #31 Manfred Zabel (GER), 2-0
    (219-154, 225-214)

    #28 Doug Kent (USA) def. #30 Jouni Helminen (FIN)
    (234-279, 248-214, 267-162).