Havana, Cuba


    1991 Pan American Games

    The Pan American Games are an Americas version of the Olympic Games held in a different country every four years.

    Several years in advance, the host country for the Pan American Games selects at least 15 medal-status sports from an approved list of 28 medal-status sports. Bowling is included in the list of 28 medal sports. By this selection, the host country determines which sports will be included in that Pan American Games session.

    Bowling received medal status from the Pan American Sports Organization Council in November 1986 with the first competition as a medal sport being held in 1991 in Havana, Cuba.

    Bowling was a demonstration sport in the 1983 Pan American Games in Caracas, Venezuela.

    1991 Pan American Games

    Havana, Cuba

    Men Team
    1. United States 7,442
    (Steve Kloempken 2,440, Ralph Solan 2,241, Jon Juneau 2,507, Patrick Healey Jr. 2,495)
    2. Venezuela 7,007
    (Pedro Carreyo 2,260, Pedro Elias Cardozo 2,282, Luis Serfaty 2,319, Francisco Carabano 2,228)
    3. Mexico 6,989
    (Alfonso Rodriguez 2,378, Roberto Silva 2,208, Daniel Falconi 2,219, Luis Javier Iserte 2,305)

    Men Masters
    1. Patrick Healey Jr., United States
    2. Luis Serfaty, Venezuela
    3. Jon Juneau, United States
    4. Ray Vervynck, Canada

    Double-elimination Finals:
    Round No. 1: Healey def. Vervynck, 222-160; Juneau def. Serfaty, 189-187
    Round No. 2: Healey def. Juneau, 161-144; Serfaty def. Vervynck (eliminated), 279-186
    Bronze Medal Round: Serfaty def. Juneau, 193-152
    Gold Medal Round: Healey def. Serfaty, 237-201

    Women Team
    1. United States 6,733
    (Maureen Webb 2,127, Julie Gardner 2,215, Mandy Wilson 2,254, Lynda Norry 2,204)
    2. Venezuela 6,687
    (Mirella DeTrasolini 2,243, Gisela Sanchez 2,168, Mariela Alarza 2,132, Gabriela Bigai 2,212)
    3. Mexico 6,627
    (Edda Piccini 2,298, Ana Maria Avila 2,136, Leticia Rosas 2,009, Celia Flores 2,193)

    Women Masters
    1. Edda Piccini, Mexico
    2. Julie Gardner, United States
    3. Mandy Wilson, United States
    4. Mari Ortiz, Puerto Rico

    Double-elimination Finals:
    Round No. 1: Piccini def. Wilson, 197-194; Gardner def. Ortiz, 192-172
    Round No. 2: Piccini def. Gardner, 221-201; Wilson def. Ortiz (eliminated), 220-195
    Bronze Medal Round: Gardner def. Wilson, 204-179
    Gold Medal Round: Piccini def. Gardner, 212-156