Caracas, Venezuela


    1983 Pan American Games (Demonstration)

    The Pan American Games are an Americas version of the Olympic Games held in a different country every four years.

    Several years in advance, the host country for the Pan American Games selects at least 15 medal-status sports from an approved list of 28 medal-status sports. Bowling is included in the list of 28 medal sports. By this selection, the host country determines which sports will be included in that Pan American Games session.

    Bowling received medal status from the Pan American Sports Organization Council in November 1986 with the first competition as a medal sport being held in 1991 in Havana, Cuba.

    Bowling was a demonstration sport in the 1983 Pan American Games in Caracas, Venezuela.

    1983 Pan American Games (Demonstration)

    Caracas, Venezuela

    Mixed Team
    1. Puerto Rico 4,433
    (Ashie Gonzalez, Esther Yordan, Francisco Perez, Felipe Blanco)
    2. United States 4,312
    (Jean Hammond, Mary Lou Vining, Rod Toft, Rich Wonders)
    3. Venezuela 4,262
    (Selma Flores, Regina Penazloza, Pedro Carreyo, Luis Cedeno)

    Men Singles
    1. Luis Cedeno, Venezuela 1,181
    2. Francisco Perez, Puerto Rico 1,169
    3. Rich Wonders, United States 1,165

    Men Doubles
    1. Puerto Rico 2,338 (Francisco Perez, Felipe Blanco)
    2. United States 2,248 (Rod Toft, Rich Wonders)
    3. Venezuela 2,231 (Pedro Carreyo, Luis Cedeno)

    Men Masters
    1. Pedro Carreyo, Venezuela
    2. Rich Wonders, United States
    3. Miguel Almonte, Dominican Republic
    4. Felipe Blanco, Puerto Rico

    Stepladder Finals:
    First Match: Carreyo def. Blanco, 172-170
    Second Match: Carreyo def. Almonte, 170-160
    Title Match: Carreyo def. Wonders, 407-368 (two games); Carreyo def. Wonders, 212-166.

    Women Singles
    1. Isabel de Makino, Peru 1,143
    2. Jean Hammond, United States 1,129
    3. Gloria Ramirez, Columbia 1,107

    Women Doubles
    1. United States 2,171 (Jean Hammond, Mary Lou Vining)
    2. Puerto Rico 2,030 (Esther Yordan, Ashie Gonzalez)
    3. Bahamas 2,029 (Sahara Johnson, Gerry Smith)

    Women Masters
    1. Jean Hammond, United States
    2. Ashie Gonzales, Puerto Rico
    3. Selma Flores, Venezuela
    4. Mary Lou Vining, United States

    Stepladder Finals:
    First Match: Flores def. Vining, 211-170
    Second Match: Hammond def. Flores, 193-181
    Title Match: Hammond def. Gonzales, 346-302 (two games); Hammond def. Gonzales, 213-170.