14th Pan American Games


    Dominican Republic

    Sebelen Bowling Center in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (Aug. 2-5, 2003)

    PAG2003Logo.jpg The 14th Pan American Games will be held from August 1st thru 17th in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The Games are being held in different countries every four years.

    Several years in advance, the host country for the next Pan Am Games selects at least 15 from an approved list of 28 medal-status sports. By this selection, the host country has determined which sports will be included in the Pan Am Games session.

    Bowling received medal status from the Pan American Sports Organization Council in November 1986.

    64 athletes from 18 countries will participate in this year's bowling disciplines with doubles on August 2-3 and singles on August 4-5.

    Previous events and winners

    13th Pan American Games in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
    Four-Man Team: United States (John Gaines, John Eiss, Tony Manna Jr., Michael Mullin)
    Four-Woman Team: United States (Tennelle Grijalva, Debbie Kuhn, Kelly Kulick, Janette Piesczynski)
    Men's All Events: David Romero, Columbia
    Women's All Events: Janette Piesczynski, USA

    12th Pan American Games in Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Four-Man Team: United States (Pat Healey Jr., Mark Van Meter, John Eiss, Chris Barnes)
    Four-Woman Team: Canada (Sandy Lowe, Anna Saasto, Debbie Ship, Catharine Willis)
    Men's Doubles: Pat Healey Jr./Chris Barnes, USA
    Women's Doubles: Missy Howard/Lesia Stark, USA
    Men's Singles: Bill Rowe, Canada
    Women's Singles: Catharine Willis, Canada
    Men's Individual: Pat Healey Jr., USA
    Women's Individual: Liz Johnson, USA

    11th Pan American Games in Havana, Cuba
    Four-Man Team: United States (Steve Kloempken, Ralph Solan, Jon Juneau, Pat Healey Jr.)
    Four-Woman Team: United States (Maureen Webb, Julie Gardner, Mandy Wilson, Lynda Norry)
    Men's Individual: Pat Healey Jr., USA
    Women's Individual: Edda Piccini, Mexico

    9th Pan American Games in Caracas, Venezuela
    Bowling was a demonstration sport in Venezuela. Four-player teams from 12 countries competed in singles, doubles and mixed-foursome events. The top 4 after 18 games in all events advanced to a stepladder final.
    Mixed-foursome: Puerto Rico (Ashie Gonzalez, Ester Yordan, Franzisco Perez, Felipe Blanco)
    Men's Doubles: Franzisco Perez/Felipe Blanco, Puerto Rico
    Women's Doubles: Jean Hammond/Mary Lou Vining, USA
    Men's Singles: Luis Cedeno, Venezuela
    Women's Singles: Isabel de Makino, Peru
    Men's Masters: Pedro Carreyo, Venezuela
    Women's Masters: Jean Hammond, USA