Mexico first after Pan Am Games women's doubles opening round


    2003 Pan Am Games

    By Mark Miller

    2003PAGWomenDoublesMEX1.jpg Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic - Mexico's Adriana Perez and Illiana Lomeli (l-r) dominated the field Saturday as the bowling competition in the 14th Pan American Games began with the first round of women's doubles at the Sebelen Bowling Center.

    Perez rolled 1,273 for six games (212.17 average) and Lomeli added 1,255 (209.17) for a combined 2,528. That was nearly 200 pins ahead of second-place Puerto Rico, which had 2,331. Colombia was third with 2,328 followed by the United States with 2,293.

    Miriam Ayala 1,173 and Yoselin Leon 1,158 helped Puerto Rico to its runner-up placing. Former Wichita State University star Sara Vargas had 1,177 and Clara Guerrero added 1,151 for Columbia.

    The United States was led by two-time defending champion Shannon Pluhowsky, Phoenix, with 1,152 (192 average). Stacy Werth, Rocklin, Calif., added 1,141 (190.17). Pluhowsky, a 20-year-old left-hander who attends the University of Nebraska, had 175, 193, 199, 215, 190 and 180 games.

    "It was a little rocky," Pluhowsky said. "I was up and down. I threw some good shots and some bad shots. I missed some spares. I was not great, but pleased. "I was pleased with how we bowled. It was a starting point. Tomorrow, we'll get better."

    Werth, a 38-year-old right-handed teacher with two young children, had 210, 182, 184, 215, 173 and 177. "We're right up there," Werth said. "On the short oil, it was a struggle for us. It was a precise shot with not much room for error. It's a longer pattern tomorrow. We should make up a lot of pins. "I felt very good today, very comfortable. Of course, I would have liked my scores to be higher."

    The opening round of men's doubles was to be held later Saturday. The final six games in each division will be held Sunday at 10 a.m. for the women and 3 p.m. for the men. Medals will be presented 30 minutes after the conclusion of the men's competition.

    Singles action begins at 10 a.m. Monday with the first six games in the women's division. The men begin at 3 p.m. that day with the final rounds in both slated for Tuesday.

    Women's Division - Doubles after the first block

    Countries and players with position, 12-game total and average

    1. Mexico (Adriana Perez/Illiana Lomeli), 2528, 210,67
    2. Puerto Rico (Miriam Ayala/Yoselin Leon), 2331, 194,25
    3. Colombia (Sara Vargas/Clara Juliana Guerrero), 2328, 194,00
    4. United States (Shannon Pluhowsky/Stacy Werth), 2293, 191,08
    5. Canada (Jennifer Willis/Robin Crawford), 2250, 187,50
    6. Brazil (Jacqueline Costa/Luiz Rocha), 2225, 185,42
    7. Bermudas (Diane Ingham/G. June Dill), 2219, 184,92
    8. Costa Rica (Maria Ramirez Solera/Gishelle Araujo Vargas), 2178, 181,50
    9. Venezuela (Margalit Mizrachi/Patricia Ciotti), 2157, 179,75
    10. Dominican Republic (Aumi Guerra/Annie Henriquez), 2146, 178,83
    11. Bahamas (Joanna Woodside/Powell), 2049, 170,75
    12. Argentina (Laura Lanzavecchia/Marta Quinteros), 2034, 169,50
    13. Panama (Karen Holder/Ely Bennett), 2032, 169,33
    14. Aruba (Renatha Arnold/Susette Croes), 2011, 167,58
    15. Guatemala (Sofia Granda/Maria Castillo), 1985, 165,42
    16. Honduras (Eloina Valle), 1075, 179,17
    17. Chile (Mirna Tambormina), 929, 154,83