U.S. men and Mexican women lead Pan Am Games doubles after Day One


    2003 Pan Am Games

    By Mark Miller

     Two-time U.S. National Amateur Champion Bill Hoffman, Columbus, Ohio, averaged 227 for six games to help the United States to the lead after Saturday's opening round of men's doubles in the 14th Pan American Games at the Sebelen Bowling Center.

    Hoffman, a 29-year-old bowler, totaled 1,362 of his team's leading 2,516 total. Scott Pohl, Eagan, Minn., added 1,154 (192.33 average) to complete the U.S. scoring. Canada (George Lambert IV 1,262 and Danyck Briere 1,184) held onto second place with 2,446. Mexico third with 2,416 thanks to 1,261 by Daniel Falconi and 1,155 by Marcos Baeza.

    Hoffman, the 1999 and 2003 U.S. Amateur Champion, had 211, 223, 211, 236, 237 and 244 games. He attributed his success to keeping an open mind about the different lane dressing patterns used in this event.

    "Many of us haven't bowled on the short pattern," said Hoffman, who bowled collegiately for Ohio State University. "When you have experience, the key is creativity. "I hope to build on this. I hadn't had much success on this condition. This is by far the best I've done. I made sure I stayed to the right instead of moving my feet to the left."

    Pohl, 34, a former University of Minnesota player, had 224, 154, 195, 180, 218 and 183 games. While this is his first international competition, he said he wasn't nervous at the start. "I bowled good overall. I tried to stay clean and let Bill take care of it because he had good ball reaction," Pohl said.

    "It was a matter of figuring out the right conditions. The only thing I would change is make a few more spares and overall a few more good shots. We are where we want to be the first day."

    Doubles action concludes Sunday with the final six games in the women's division at 10 a.m. and at 3 p.m. for the men. Medals for both divisions will be presented 30 minutes after the conclusion of the men's competition.

    Singles action begins at 10 a.m. Monday with the first six games in the women's division. The men begin at 3 p.m. that day with the final rounds in both slated for Tuesday.

    Men's Division - Doubles after the first block

    Countries and players with position, 12-game total and average

    1. United States (Bill Hoffman/Scott Pohl), 2516, 209,67
    2. Canada (George Lambert IV/Danyck Briere), 2446, 203,83
    3. Mexico (Daniel Falconi/Marcos Baeza), 2416, 201,33
    4. Venezuela (Arturo Hernandez/Pedro Elias), 2381, 198,42
    5. Costa Rica (Mario Valverde/Alejandro Reyna), 2371, 197,58
    6. Colombia (Andres Gomez/Jorge Romero), 2354, 196,17
    7. Bermuda (Antoine Jones/Steven Riley), 2335, 194,58
    8. Brazil (Walter Costa/Fabio Rezende), 2286, 190,50
    9. Puerto Rico (Francisco Colon/Luis Perez), 2277, 189,75
    10. Dominican Republic (Hilton Nunez/Rolando A. Sebelen), 2274, 189,50
    11. Uruguay (Roberto Baranano/Luis Benasus), 2273, 189,42
    12. Panama (Jose Avendano/Manuel Zambrano), 2253, 187,75
    13. Argentina (Ruben Favero/Lucas Legnani), 2252, 187,67
    14. Ecuador (Juan Carlos Azar/Jose Zambrano), 2181, 181,75
    15. Guatemala (Diego Fernandez/Jose Mendez), 2126, 177,17
    16. Aruba (Errol Brown), 1050, 175,00
    17. Chile (Juan Marcos Araya), 1017, 169,50