Less than 10 days to go to the Pan Am Games



    Nomination of Andres Gomez causes big controversy

    2007PanAmericanGamesLogo.jpg The XV Pan American Games, which run July 13-29, are America's version of the Olympic Games which includes the Olympic Program sports and others that are not part of the Olympics. The bowling competition, consisting of singles and doubles events, is scheduled for July 23-26 at Barra Bowling Center, a 20-lane facility located in the Barra Shopping Mall.

    "With less than 10 days to go, we are starting to feel the chills that will accompany us during the Pan Am Games starting next Sunday with the official practice," Karla Redig, assistant manager of bowling during the Pan Am Games said.

    2006EBT15AndresGomez_small.jpg Redig has provided Bowlingdigital with a complete list of participants that includes the name of Andres Gomez (pictured right) from Colombia, who had earned an exemption for the 2005-06 PBA Tour season through the 2005 Tour Trials.

    "Gomez is considered by the organizing committee as illegible for the Games since he has participated in the PBA," Redig stated.

    The removal of the 'amateur only" rule will be on the agenda of the 2007 FIQ/WTBA Congresses, to be held in conjunction with the 2nd Women's World Championships, August 30 through September 9 in Monterrey, Mexico.

    Even though there are still some old-fashioned officials in this committee, who refuse to live in the present, this should be no discussion at all. There is no line between card holders of the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) and the Japanese Professional Bowlers Association (JPBA) and the top level amateurs who make their living through prize money and sponsor contracts or through the support of their governments.

    Obviously the Pan Am Games OC doesn't follow the IOC in this matter, which allows professionals to participate in the Olympic Games. Bowlingdigital will keep you up-to-date the "Gomez issue".

    "Rio de Janeiro is already beginning to breathe the Pan American Games," Redig said. "In the streets you can visualize what we consider the "Winter Fashion Models", the grey pants and the white or green shirts used by the Pan Am Games volunteers. A "Panmania" has already taken over the city and the official products stores are always full.

    At Barra Bowling Lanes, things are a little quieter as not all teams are arrived yet. The Brazilian quartet started on Tuesday with the lane inspection. Barra Bowling underwent major renovations in the last three months to receive the games.

    "Until July 20th, we will have a peaceful atmosphere in the bowling center," Redig said. "On the 21st we will be moving in with the temporary overlay and will have everything ready for the Official Practice, scheduled for July 22nd."

    XV Pan American Games Bowling Participants

    Ricardo Dalla Rosa, Lucas Legnani

    Lenford Powell, Clarence Wallace, Marie Sealy, Justina Sturrup

    David Maycock, Kevin Swan, Bobbie Ingham, Patrice Tucker

    Rodrigo Hermes, Fábio Rezende, Jacqueline Costa, Roseli Santos

    Darren Klassen, Jason Kovac, Lynne Gauthier, Kerrie Ryan-Ciach

    Harold Galmez Pickering Reyes, Andréas Rojas Termini, Rossana Chesta Acuña

    Andrés Gomez, David Romero, Paola Gomez, Rocio Restrepo

    Costa Rica
    Marvin Murillo, Alejandro Reyna, Viviana Delgado, Sylvia Villalobos

    Dominican Republic
    Victor Richards, Rolando Sebelen, Aumi Guerra, Paula Vila

    Becquer Barriga, Diogenes Saverio

    El Salvador
    Juan Merlos, Francisco Sanchez, Marta Cader, Aida Granillo

    Andres Herrera, Jorge Valdes, Sofia Granda, Ximena Soto

    Maria Elena Breve, Eloina Valle

    Alejandro Cruz, Daniel Falconi, Sandra Garza, Adriana Perez

    Yvette Chen, Tilcia de Lancini

    Puerto Rico
    Francisco Colon Ferrer, Luis Rodriguez Batista, Michelle Ayala, Yoselin Leon

    United States
    Rhino Paige, Cassidy Schaub, Diandra Asbaty, Tennelle Milligan

    Raindy Chavez, Arturo Hernandez, Karen Marcano, Alicia Marcano