Milligan, Page golden again at Pan American Games



    Both players win decisive games as Team USA sweeps gold medals

    2007PAGSinglesMilliganPage.jpg Tennelle Milligan (l.) of Costa Mesa, Calif., and Rhino Page (r.) of Topeka, Kan., each won singles gold medals as the bowling competition at the Pan American Games came to a close Thursday at Barra Bowling Center.

    Milligan defeated Venezuela's Alicia Marcano, 2-1, in the best-of-three, gold medal match, while Page got past Mexico's Daniel Falconi, 2-1, for the men's championship.

    Team USA, which also won men's and women's doubles, swept the gold medals at an international event for the second time in two months. In May, the United States won all six gold medals at the Men's American Zone Championships in Guatemala.

    Milligan won the decisive game, 212-204, on the strength of three straight strikes late - the clincher coming on the second ball of the 10th frame on which she received a late messenger pin to knock down the stubborn 5 pin.

    "I love the 5 pin ... and I love when it's the last one to fall," said Milligan, who returned to Team USA this year after a successful stint as a professional that saw her win three major titles. "I would have never thought it would've been a 5 pin off my hand. I thought it was pretty good, and the 5 was standing there. All of something came over and knock it over. I don't know what it was, but it was pretty nice to see it fall."

    Milligan won the first game, 256-160, striking on eight of 11 first-ball attempts, but Marcano quickly rebounded with nine consecutive strikes to take Game 2, 267-214.

    "Alicia is a great player, and I didn't expect her to bowl a bad game at the beginning," said Milligan, who rallied to defeat the Dominican Republic's Aumi Guerra, 2-1 (180-224, 244-158, 200-150), in the semifinals. "I go, 'Uh oh, she's coming back. I knew it.' She just kept me on my toes."

    Six straight strikes late lifted Page to a 256-184 victory in the final game. Like Milligan, he also jumped out into the lead - taking Game 1, 234-191 - before Falconi followed with a 265-233 win powered by 11 of 12 strikes.

    "Daniel is a great bowler and I knew I would have a tough match," said Page, who lost to Falconi in the Masters gold medal match at the 2005 American Zone Championships in Costa Rica. "This week far exceeded my expectations. I'm just happy the way it turned out, very happy."

    Page also dramatically staved off a semifinal loss to Argentina's Lucas Legnani. After dropping the first game, Page struck out in the 10th to force a Game 2 tie at a remarkable 279. He then won the ninth and 10th frame roll-off, opening with two strikes to Legnani's one.

    "I thought if I could strike out and tie Lucas, I had a chance to win the match," said Page, who beat Legnani, 217-186, in the third game. "He bowled very, very well all week. I got lucky he didn't strike out to beat me. I had to get my nerves back in check so I could bowl the next game."

    Legnani rebounded to defeat Canada's Jason Kovack, 2-0 (209-197, 210-202), to win the men's bronze medal, while Guerra swept Colombia's Paola Gomez, 2-0 (212-183, 205-202), for the women's bronze medal.

    Thursday's match play featured a unique format, with the first two rounds featuring three-game, total-pins matches. The semifinal, bronze medal and gold medal matches then were conducted in a best-of-three games format. Advancing players were reseeded after the first two rounds in order of highest pinfall from the previous round.

    Cassidy Schaub of Polk, Ohio, advanced to the quarterfinals before he was defeated by Falconi, 588-539. Schaub, who posted a 678-569 victory over Bermuda's David Maycock in the first round, struggled throughout the match - falling behind by 36 pins after one game and 51 after two. Diandra Asbaty of Chicago failed to hold on to an early lead in losing to Marcano, 636-573, in the first round. Asbaty led 237-181 after one game, but Marcano went in front after shooting 234 to Asbaty's 166 in the second game.

    Since bowling received medal-sport status in 1991, the U.S. now has amassed 26 medals, twice more than second-best Mexico with 13.

    The XV Pan American Games, which run July 13-29, are an Americas version of the Olympic Games which includes the Olympic Program sports and others that are not part of the Olympics. The bowling competition, consisting of singles and doubles events, concluded Thursday at Barra Bowling Center, a 20-lane facility located in the Barra Shopping Mall.

    An estimated 5,500 athletes from 42 countries are competing in 28 sports at the XV Pan American Games in Rio de Janeiro. Conducted every four years, the first Pan American Games were held in 1951 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    Coverage from the Pan Am Games courtesy of USBC and Kevin Hazaert.

    Barra Bowling in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    July 13-29, 2007 (Bowling competition July 23-26)

    Men's Singles
    Gold - Rhino Page, United States
    Silver - Daniel Falconi, Mexico
    Bronze - Lucas Legnani, Argentina

    Women's Singles
    Gold - Tennelle Milligan, United States
    Silver - Alicia Marcano, Venezuela
    Bronze - Aumi Guerra, Dominican Republic

    Men's Match Play Results

    Gold Medal Match (Best-of-three games)
    Rhino Page, United States, def. Daniel Falconi, Mexico, 2-1
    (234-191, 233-265, 256-184)

    Bronze Medal Match (Best-of-three games)
    Lucas Legnani, Argentina, def. Jason Kovack, Canada, 2-0
    (209-197, 210-202)

    Semifinals (Best-of-three games)
    *Players reseeded according to total pinfall in quarterfinals.
    (4) Daniel Falconi, Mexico, def. (1) Jason Kovack, Canada, 2-0
    (214-198, 212-205)
    (3) Rhino Page, United States, def. (2) Lucas Legnani, Argentina, 2-1
    (223-247, 279-279 - Page won 9th and 10th frame roll-off 49-28, 217-186)

    Quarterfinals (Three games, total pins)
    *Players reseeded according to total pinfall in first round.
    (1) Rhino Page, United States, def. (8) Rolando Sebelen, Dominican Republic, 653-632
    (7) Daniel Falconi, Mexico, def. (2) Cassidy Schaub, United States, 588-539
    (3) Jason Kovack, Canada, def. (6) Luis Rodriguez, Puerto Rico, 687-606
    (5) Lucas Legnani, Argentina, def. (4) Raindey Chavez, Venezuela, 667-617

    First Round (Three games, total pins)
    (1) Lucas Legnani, Argentina, def. (16) Harold Galmez, Chile, 624-591
    (2) Rhino Page, United States, def. (15) Frankie Colon, Puerto Rico, 746-625
    (3) Daniel Falconi, Mexico, def. (14) Darren Klassen, Canada, 598-551
    (13) Jason Kovack, Canada, def. (4) Alejandro Reyna, Costa Rica, 646-642
    (12) Raindey Chavez, Venezuela, def. (5) Rodrigo Hermes, Brazil, 637-548
    (6) Luis Rodriguez, Puerto Rico, def. (11) Jorge Otalora, Colombia, 619-546
    (7) Rolando Sebelen, Dominican Republic, def. (10) Arturo Hernandez, Venezuela, 586-586
    (Sebelen won one-game roll-off, 213-203)
    (8) Cassidy Schaub, United States, def. (9) David Maycock, Bermuda, 678-569

    Women's Match Play Results

    Gold Medal Match (Best-of-three games)
    Tennelle Milligan, United States, def. Alicia Marcano, Venezuela, 2-1
    (256-160, 214-267, 212-204)

    Bronze Medal Match (Best-of-three games)
    Aumi Guerra, Dominican Republic, def. Paola Gomez, Colombia, 2-0
    (212-183, 205-202)

    Semifinals (Best-of-three games)
    *Players reseeded according to total pinfall in quarterfinals.
    (1) Alicia Marcano, Venezuela, def. (4) Paola Gomez, Colombia, 2-1
    (248-240, 178-187, 210-193)
    (2) Tennelle Milligan, United States, def. (3) Aumi Guerra, Dominican Republic, 2-1
    (180-224, 244-158, 200-150)

    Quarterfinals (Three games, total pins)
    *Players reseeded according to total pinfall in first round.
    (1) Tennelle Milligan, United States, def. (8) Ximena Soto, Guatemala, 670-530
    (2) Paola Gomez, Colombia, def. (7) Viviana Delgado, Costa Rica, 567-540
    (3) Aumi Guerra, Dominican Republic, def. (6) Jacque Costa, Brazil, 612-584
    (4) Alicia Marcano, Venezuela, def, (5) Lynne Gauthier, Canada, 683-653

    First Round (Three games, total pins)
    (16) Jacque Costa, Brazil, def. (1) Rocio Restrepo, Colombia, 607-583
    (15) Viviana Delgado, Costa Rica, def. (2) Sandra Gongora, Mexico, 567-557
    (14) Ximena Soto, Guatemala, def. (3) Roseli Santos, Brazil, 550-533
    (13) Aumi Guerra, Dominican Republic, def. (4) Sofia Granda, Guatemala, 640-570
    (5) Tennelle Milligan, United States, def. (12) Kerrie Ryan-Ciach, Canada, 727-581
    (6) Paola Gomez, Colombia, def. (11) Adriana Perez, Mexico, 644-590
    (7) Lynne Gauthier, Canada, def. (10) Yoselin Leon, Puerto Rico, 625-556
    (9) Alicia Marcano, Venezuela, def. (8) Diandra Asbaty, United States, 636-573.