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Clara Guerrero wins women’s title at 50th QubicaAMF World Cup


2014BWCSinLiJane3.jpg14 years after starting her international career with a runner-up finish at the QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup in Lisbon, Portugal, Clara Juliana Guerrero of Colombia lifted the trophy after winning the 50th edition of the prestigious event at Sky Bowling Center in Wroclaw, Poland.

The 32-year-old two-time World Champion, who led the match play round earlier today to earn the No. 1 seed, defeated Sin Li Jane (right) in a high-scoring title match best-of-three games format, two-games-to-one.

2014BWCClaraGuerrero7.jpgGuerrero (pictured left with Pat Ciniello, President of QubicaAMF Worldwide, LLC.), who also owns a World Ranking Masters title, a European Bowling Tour title and a PBA regional title, took the first game, 239-234, but the Malaysian national team member leveled the match with big 257-243 win in game two.

2014BWCBrittniHamilton3.jpgGuerrero started the deciding third game with eight consecutive strikes and never looked back. She finished with two spares for a 265-211 victory. Guerrero toppled 747 pins in three games, a record for the World Cup.

Li Jane had to go the distance in the semifinal match against No. 3 seed, Brittni Hamilton (right), before she ousted the Team USA member, 2-1. Hamilton took a 1-0 lead behind a 235-181 win in the opening game. The Malaysian rebounded with a 236-234 win in game two to force a decider. She advanced to the title match with a 213-204 win.

BowlingdigitalBanner.gifBowlingdigital.com covered the 50th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup live from Wroclaw including reports, photos and results after each round. The event was broadcast live on BOWL.com’s BowlTV.

2014BWCLogo2.jpgThe preliminaries consisted of four blocks of five games with the top 24 men and the top 24 women after 20 games advancing to the intermediate round. Those 24 players bowled further 8 games with the pinfall total from the preliminaries being carried forward.

The top 8 men and the top 8 women after 28 games bowled a further seven games round robin match play plus one game position round (total 8 games) with 30 pins bonus per win and 15 for a tie.

The top 3 men and the top 3 women after 36 games including bonus pins determined the champions in the stepladder finals in best-of-three games format.


50th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup – Women’s Finals

Sky Bowling Center in Wroclaw, Poland (November 9, 2014)

Championship Round:
1. Clara Juliana Guerrero, Colombia, 747 (3 games)
2. Sin Li Jane, Malaysia, 1302 (6 games)
3. Brittni Hamilton, United States, 673 (3 games)

Playoff Results (best-of-three games):
Semifinal Match: No. 2 Li Jane def. No. 3 Hamilton, 2-1
(181-235, 236-234, 213-204)
Championship: No. 1 Guerrero vs. Li Jane, 2-1
(239-234, 243-257, 265-211).

50th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup – Women Division Final Standings

1. Clara Juliana Guerrero, Colombia
2. Sin Li Jane, Malaysia
3. Brittni Hamilton, United States
4. Maria Bulanova, Russia
5. Liza Del Rosario, Philippines
6. Rebecka Larsen, Sweden
7. Caroline Lagrange, Canada
8. Daria Kovalova, Ukraine
9. Sandra Gongora, Mexico
10. Cherie Tan, Singapore
11. Martina Schütz, Germany
12. Piritta Maja, Finland
13. Danni Hopcroft, England
14. Aumi Guerra, Dominican Republic
15. Amanda Larkin, Ireland
16. Mariana Ayala, Puerto Rico
17. Jolanda Visser, Netherlands
18. Kaitlyn Commane, Australia
19. Heidi Thorstensen, Norway
20. Maria Tkachenko, Latvia
21. Sarit Mizrachi, Israel
22. Bianca Tofilau, New Zealand
23. Amandine Jacques, France
24. Sue Abela, Malta
25. Kylie Bromley, Wales
26. Sabeena Saleem, India
27. Edissa Andrade, Panama
28. Lia Mojarro, Catalonia
29. June Dill, Bermuda
30. Bigi Manico, Switzerland
31. Luminita Farkas Bucin, Romania
32. Christelle Piccoli, Belgium
33. Daiva Perminiene, Lithuania
34. Viviana Delgado, Costa Rica
35. Alexandra Zorba, Greece
36. Viktoria Morcz, Hungary
37. Holly Fleming, Scotland
38. Katerina Bestova, Czech Republic
39. Lucyna Charezinska, Poland
40. Adile Sevgi Michajlow, Turkey
41. Sofiya Hristova, Bulgaria
42. Aksana Sinitsa, Belarus
43. Petra Stankova, Slovakia
44. Simona Fasol, Italy
45. Ursula Ekermans, South Africa
46. Che Weng Si, Macau
47. Carolina Munoz Huerta, Spain
48. Anne Kwong, Hong Kong
49. Ivana Krajacic, Croatia
50. Tatyana Lefter, Uzbekistan
51. Nora Turci, Luxembourg
52. Xynea Johnson, Bahamas
53. Samy-Anna Saba, New Caledonia
54. Gudny Gunnarsdottir, Iceland
55. Ljuba Ceglar, Slovenia
56. Dominique Merlo, Reunion
(tie) Maryam Vanaki, Iran
58. Theresa Depka, Virgin Islands
59. Terje Roosi, Estonia
60. Viola Zharko, Azerbaijan
61. Neuza Kae, Brazil
62. Azhar Baitulayeva, Kyrgyzstan
63. Cristina Soares, Portugal
64. Donna Horton, Northern Ireland
65. Hela Meziou, Tunisia
66. Antonieta Costa, Azores
67. Liz Wall, Jersey
68. Dolgormaa Tumurjav, Mongolia
69. Firehiwot T. Woldegiorgis, Ethiopia
70. Nasheeha King, Mauritius

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